written by Wanda

Sofia Vergara And Her Hot Ass Hit The Town

Lovely Sofia Vergara. This woman is, in my humble opinion, everything a woman should be. She’s not only stunningly beautiful with one of the best rear ends in the business, she’s also funny, intelligent and knows the difference between being sexy and being slutty. There are rumors that she’s quite the diva, but ever since Jennifer Lopez showed a different side of herself on “American Idol” I’ve been a bit hesitant to dismiss women on diva rumors alone. Everyone she works with seems to like her, she isn’t afraid to make fun of herself, and while she can come across as a bit full of herself, I don’t think that’s entirely undeserved. While some may be tempted to call me a hypocrite for calling out Katherine Hiegel’s diva-tude and basically ignoring Sofia’s there is one significant difference – some of Katherine’s biggest critics have been the people who have worked with her and her fans while the same can’t be said for Sofia. I love this woman and I hope she’ll continue to do well.


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  • Yes she is a stunning woman that is for sure. I love her. I do not care if people think that she is a diva. Who really cares? She has a right to be. I mean look at her, I could stand a bitchy woman looking like that.

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  • If she had bad personality even if she was hot I would not be keen on her, Looks matter but whats inside counts, I have no idea what sofia is like she is a very pretty women and has a knockout figure, nice booty

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