written by Wanda

Sofia Vergara Is So Hot She Hurts My Eyes.

Sometimes a woman gets everyone talking but I can’t for the life of me understand why. Men around the world seem to crumble at the mention of her name and I find myself perplexed. That is not the case with Sofia Vergara. Men all over the world are madly in lust with this woman and the reason why couldn’t be more obvious. She’s smoking freaking hot and has a body that just doesn’t stop. She’s confident and clearly knows a thing or two about making the most out of her sex appeal. She also happens to be hilarious in interviews and talented as an actress. Here in Cozumel, Mexico, Sofia is just as gorgeous as I would expect, wearing a beautiful swimsuit and cover up that flatters her body in every conceivable way. What a stunning creature. I can’t possibly say enough nice things about her.

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