written by Wanda

Some People Find Alessia Tedeschi Boring And That Blows My Mind

I look at these photos of stunning actress/model, Alessia Tedeschi, on a holiday in Formentera and the very last thing that comes to mind is boredom. I get that we feature a lot of photos of models in bikinis but I can’t for the life of me see anything wrong with that. Models in bikinis are awesome. I love models in bikinis. Maybe for some that’s the kind of thing a person could get bored of but not me. Not yet, anyway. No, I look at these photos of Alessia and I think of words like, ‘hot’, ‘sexy’, ‘stunning’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘breathtaking’. Is she everyone’s cup of tea? Probably not but boring? Nope. I don’t see it.

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  • I wouldn’t care if she was boring with a face and body like that, she is so hot