written by Wanda

Something Looks Different About Denise Richards

Two things about these photos of Denise Richards in LA jump out at me right away – first, she still looks absolutely killer in a bikini and second, her face looks different than it did the last time I posted photos of her. In photo six of seven, there is something about her fact that just seems a little bit off. She’s stunning of course and I could never complain about photos of Denise Richards in a bikini. Perhaps she’s done something different with her hair or makeup or perhaps I’m not used to focusing quite so much attention on her face. She looks beautiful regardless. This woman is stunning. I’m always thrilled to have the chance to write about her.


  • She looks very happy here. I think that she is a stunning lady as well. I have liked her in most of the work that she has done. I did not agree with her marrying Charlie and am glad that she is now rid of the puke.

    • Ah yes, Denise and Charlie. I think she made a bad decision for sure but I like that they seem to be getting along better now. There for a while things were do bad it was hard not to think about their poor kids. At least they seem to be focused on staying civil for the sake of their kids now. That takes serious guts and a lot of hard work, I’m sure – especially when one of the people involved is Charlie Sheen. He seems to have at least grown up some since the meltdown. Hard to say how long that’ll last though.