written by Ann

Sophia Bush Is Curvaceous!

Sophia Bush had attended a party in the Florida Room at Delano. She looked so pretty and fresh faced. Certainly one among the few women who look good with the simple square hair cut. She wore her black top that almost exposed her boobs when the flash shone through the sheer material. Sophia has an hour glass figure, with big hips and sexy legs. I couldn’t help guessing who she was talking to… maybe one of her admirers?

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is very Leggy Delano, florida Sophia Bush 3.jpg Sophia Bush 5.jpg Sophia Bush 6.jpg Sophia Bush 7.jpg Sophia Bush 8.jpg Sophia Bush 9.jpg Sophia Bush 10.jpg


  • That body is really curvaceous . Her Eyes and hairs are so great.
    Just looks like the girl you want to marry .

  • totally agree. her body is surely curvaceous. i’m glad she is not another super skinny IT girl out there in hollywood. plus her contagious smile and cute dimples, no guy would turn her down.

  • those are some sexy legs. love them wrapped round me

  • very sexy boobs are full of proteins

  • she is fit as fuck, sexy girl, great body too, those legs are stunning

  • she is lovely, she was sexiest on one tree hill and there were many fit birds on there, love her face and body, she would get it, those legs, curvy babe.

    Id love a foot job from her.


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