written by Wanda

Sophie Monk Catches Up On Her Reading

With a copy of US Weekly in hand, the cover screaming of Kim K’s big mistake, Sophie Monk heads out for the day in LA. Suddenly, something compels Ms. Monk to squat her cute self down right in the middle of the parking lot to read. Surely there must be better places for her to catch up on her gossip. The way she’s looking up at the camera leads me to believe someone has just told her something disturbing was contained in the pages of that magazine. Something that just couldn’t wait.
My guesses:
“There’s a picture of you in there picking your nose!”
“There’s a picture of your undies when you were getting out of a car!”
“World peace has been declared!”
The first two are most likely. Or maybe she just felt like reading. Regardless, Sophie looks pretty cute and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.


  • I found that pose hot as hell :)

  • Wow, she’s ugly as hell!

  • wtf??? thx bro