written by Wanda

Sophie Monk Has Super Weird Lips.

No really – those lips! Are they new? I’ve seen pictures of Sophie before and I find it very hard to believe I missed those suckers. Is she just duck-facing in most of them or is that how her mouth normally looks? I’m sorry. She’s hot and everything and her body is just killer but I can’t get past those freakish lips. The top lip just looks … wrong. Please, someone help me out here, is this plastic surgery gone wrong or has the lack of sleep completely fried my brain? Regardless, outside of the lip situation, I think Sophie looks pretty great in these pictures. I’ve always found her stunning anyway, so that’s not a huge surprise to me. Focus on the good, I suppose.
UPDATE: Okay, so fearing sleep deprivation had crippled my brain, I Google searched “Sophie Munk Lips” and found out that yes, this is a case of plastic surgery gone wrong and it was covered pretty extensively in the press a few years back. What a shame. She’s such a beautiful girl. I’m not anti-plastic surgery. If I had the money, there’s probably a nip and a tuck I’d consider having done but why mess with such a beautiful canvas.

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