written by Wanda

Sophie Monk In Denim Cutoffs And Bikini Top

Sophie Monk… what can a person say about Sophie Monk. The girl is just gorgeous; absolutely stunning. She’s got an incredible body and a pretty face. There are few men that wouldn’t line up for a night with this girl. Here filming a TV show in Hawaii, Sophie shows us why men get weak in the knees for her. Yeah, yeah… the face and the body but really? It’s those boobs. They’re incredible. A guy could get lost in that cleavage and I have to imagine, he wouldn’t mind staying lost in there. Sophie Monk is so gorgeous it should be illegal. Surely she is a public health threat. Sophie’s cleavage should not be viewed by men with weak hearts. If you feel any dizziness, loss of sensation in the extremities or shortness of breath while looking at these pictures, you are advised to consult your health care professional

Sophie Monk Sophie Monk Sophie MonkSophie Monk

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  • Those tits are a lot smaller than they were 10 years ago, though (and I’ve got crappy Popstars footage to prove it).
    What gives?