written by Ann

Sophie Monk’s Mini Dress

Sophie Monk wore a sexy, mini dress when she went shopping at the West Hollywood Farmers Market. She threw together a couple of her casual things and created a hot look that was trendy. The Farmers Market has some of the freshest and cheapest produce available in the vicinity. People who are able to travel to their neighborhood Farmers Market will benefit from the advantages. If you lived in Hollywood, you might catch some stars shopping at the West Hollywood Farmers Market too.

Sophie Monk

mini dress leggy candids West Hollywood Farmers Market Sophie Monk shopping in Hollywood sexy Sophie Monk Sophie Monk 7.jpg Sophie Monk 8.jpg Sophie Monk 9.jpg Sophie Monk 10.jpg Sophie Monk 11.jpg Sophie Monk 12.jpg Sophie Monk 13.jpg Sophie Monk 14.jpg Sophie Monk 15.jpg Sophie Monk 16.jpg Sophie Monk 17.jpg Sophie Monk 18.jpg Sophie Monk 19.jpg Sophie Monk 20.jpg Sophie Monk 21.jpg Sophie Monk 22.jpg Sophie Monk 23.jpg Sophie Monk 24.jpg Sophie Monk 25.jpg Sophie Monk 26.jpg


  • Sophie is so so beautiful and interesting to look at, she sports such a different look in every pic.

  • has she got underwear on i hope not ha ha.

  • Sure she has underwear :) Not all the time though :P


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