written by Wanda

Sophie Reade In Butt Baring Short Shorts

Isn’t it wonderful when a gorgeous blond dons the tiniest of tiny workout clothes and shows off the results of her workout routine? Big Brother star and model Sophie Reade did just that and even smiled for the photographers snapping her every move. One might say she’s one of those attention-starved celebrities that would do anything to have their picture taken, but considering she was on Big Brother, she’s probably used to having cameras pointed at her twenty-four hours a day. And who cares? She looks incredible. She has just about the perfect ass which is nearly on full display in those tiny shorts, massive boobs and toned, sexy legs. If I looked that good, I’d be showing off every chance I got!

Sophie Reade Sophie Reade Sophie ReadeSophie Reade Sophie Reade


  • more than shorts i love her appealing ass

  • She is very beautyful, i like her :D

  • cmon this has to be set up… no way anyone would train this way in public :P

  • Nice ass, nice ass and oh yea, nice ass. And shes cute too.