written by Wanda

Sophie Turner And Her Ridiculous Rear End

I’m sorry but is that thing real? I mean, come on. It’s just so round and firm and perky. Can an ass be perky? If an ass can be perky, Sophie Turner’s ass is most definitely … you get the point. I have to admit though, there is something about her that bothers me. I’m not entirely sure what that something is. Perhaps it’s the way she looks like she’s posing even when she’s just walking to her car. It just all seems a bit phony to me. What I think doesn’t really matter though. There are more than enough people out there who look at Sophie and see near perfection and I’m sure their numbers far outweigh the people that would agree with me.


  • she is a hottie, great ass on her

  • super human species.

  • what booty, what a body, wish all women were built like her