written by Wanda

Sophie Turner And Her See Through Skirt.

I’m a big Sophie Turner fan. I think the woman is incredible. She’s smoking hot and has an incredible body – pretty good combination, I’d say. I wasn’t sure how I felt about these photos at first though. Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of see through garments unless they’re worn on the beach but the more I look at these photos, the more I like them. Sophie has an incredible behind but I like the fact that we can’t see it entirely. That see through skirt adds a little intrigue. What really bothers me about these pictures, though, is the guy in some of the photos. He just looks so creepy. Perhaps I should know who he is but the info I was given about these photos is a little lacking. Whoever he is, he’s definitely enjoying Sophie’s skirt. I guess I can’t entirely blame him for that.


  • Dat ass is worthy of a motor boat session

  • First off let me say that these photos are gross. I do not care how good her ass looks. It is very tacky. Where is she at anyway? Have some decency and cover yourself up. You have young gals looking up at you.

    • I’m actually no sure where she is. It looks like it may be a private residence and the guy sort of looks like security or something. Perhaps this was some sort of photo shoot. Sadly, no background information came with the photos so I’m not entirely sure.

  • First off who is the dweb with her? And secondly that is just gross on Sophie’s part. You are a woman who should respect her body, not show it off like that when you are out in public. You are not on a beach so no one wants to see your ass hang out like that.

    • I mostly agree but I’m not entirely sure she’s in public. It looks like she’s at a private residence based on the background. I think this may have been a photo shoot of some sort. Unfortunately sometimes the information I get with these pictures is a little lacking in the information department.