written by Wanda

Sophie Turner Is A Knockout For Halloween

I think it’s finally happened. I’ve been rendered speechless. Luckily (for me anyway), I can still type even while my mouth hangs open and drool puddles below my chin. Sophie Turner is so freaking hot. So hot. I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to adequately describe how hot she is. Stunning. Smoking. On fire. Sizzling. Steaming. Heart-stoppingly, mind-numbingly, eye-burningly smoking freaking hot. Exquisite. And then, because her simply being indescribably hot isn’t enough, she wears this costume for Halloween. That’s it. She’s trying to kill us all. This woman is dangerous. Those eyes and that ass are the only weapons she needs. I mean, I have all the same parts she has, but they don’t look right anymore. Ugh. I’m done. I need to look away while I still feel like I’m at least part of the same species.


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  • Wow what a great Halloween costume. I can’t help but wonder that you may have typed out this entry with one hand babe! ;) I don’t blame you though, I would have too.