written by Wanda

Sophie Turner Makes Working Out Look Sexy

Knockout Australian model, Sophie Turner is a knockout. There is no question about that. Even something as simple as going for a run and doing a few stretches is newsworthy when you look that good while you’re doing it. She has the kind of body men drool over and women wish they had and its obvious she works hard to keep that highly coveted body looking its best. Turner is more than a pretty face though, taking time out of her modeling career to finish her law degree in her home country of Australia so when the cameras are gone and she returns to a normal life, she has a good career to fall back on should she choose to pursue it. She’s obviously in no rush though. This girl loves the limelight and we love her for it. With pictures these hot, let’s hope she never decides to get camera shy.

Sophie Turner Sophie Turner Sophie TurnerSophie Turner Sophie Turner


  • I’d like to work out with you Sophie Turner as well!

  • I go to that beach all the time…. I think I saw her that day

  • that white woman had plastic surgery. Next time you see her, thank a black woman because we had it first.

  • Wow I really do not care if she had plastic surgery or not this gal is looking mighty fine. I think that she makes working out look easy. Totally makes me want to hit the pavement.