written by Wanda

Sophie Turner Posts Racy Pictures Of Herself On Twitter.

In the past, I’ve defended Sophie Turner over criticism that she’s too fake looking because I just didn’t see where her critics were coming from. Either I was temporarily blinded or Sophie has recently had more work done because I can definitely see what those critics were saying now. Here’s the thing, in these photos from Twitter, Sophie is showing off her body and that’s great. She has a fantastic body but my problem is with her face in some of these photos. Perhaps it was bad lighting, too much makeup or something else but in some of these pictures (not all, just some) she looks a little bit like a drag queen. Now, I love drag queens but I prefer natural born women to look a little more, well, natural. Am I being too critical? Probably, but for me, beyond the body some of these pictures just don’t work for me.


  • great pictures she takes of herself flaunting her great figure, what a body, what n ass she has on her, some of these women sure love flaunting themselves tho, a bit too much, not that i complaining but damn they must love the attention.

  • so vein taking pics of yourself like that but she has a great body so i guess she is super confident anyway, her ass and legs are beyond incredible

  • what a prick teaser, lol, my mates sister is 15 and she has pics like these on her Facebook and stuff and I saw them , I told her she should eb careful about showing them off incase older guys get into them which happens so much now and she told me to piss off, sums up most girls nowadays tho, no wonder so many young girls are pregnant before 18

  • she is talking some good pics there, dman great body on her she is well stacked, those legs and that ass