written by Wanda

Sophie Turner Shows Off Her Pretty Body

I want to like Sophie Turner. I really do. This gorgeous Australian has most of the qualities I generally like in a model – a nice ass, gorgeous legs, a pretty face – but there’s something about her that’s starting to trouble me. We never really see any pictures of her just acting like a normal girl. She always seems to be posing for the cameras and that kind of gets to me after a while. Regardless, I love the fact that in the midst of her modeling career she took time off to get a degree in law. I have to wonder how she would dress for court though. As awful as this is to say, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable hiring her as my lawyer. She might be a bit of a distraction. Regardless, here Sophie is showing off the body that made her famous. I suppose I can’t hate on her too much for that.


  • Pretty ass.. barby-doll face :)

  • i wanna smash her back doors in, bang tidy, ideal figure on a girl

  • she has a big ass wow

  • her ass is huge, god girls with big asses are such a turn on yummy

  • Now that is a formidable log tosser if i ever seen one.

  • nice nice ass, perfect women