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Spice Girls In Germany!

The Spice Girls continued their world tour by performing in Cologne, Germany yesterday. I think the girls are doing great to say they only had a month to rehearse before their first live performance. The girls have continued to say how great it is for them to be back together, and it seems that the world agrees (well the thousands who bought tickets do anyway). I cant help but notice that Posh has her boobs pushed up so high, they may interfere with her microphone holding. Or she could just get rid of the stand altogether and use her breasts to hold her mic, whichever works best. It seems Baby Spice’s leg injury is not stopping her from performing, what a star!

The Spice Girls in Germany

Update: 25 pictures added.

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  • Wow,its great Spice Gals have reunited after all these years.
    Scary spice looks really hot now, her body is really hot bod now.
    Posh spice is the the only spice gal who looks worn out.

  • I hope we see more of this performance anytime soon.

  • Arrrggghhh… Spice Girls… can they really sing?? their time is over.. Posh better stay home look after kids and spying on Beck… involving herself in another tour will just make her regret later…

  • Say what you want but Victoria looks so damn sexy – those legs in that tight outfit are banging – gets my vote as the hottest MILF around…..


  • I think Victoria is hot too and at least she didn’t let herself get fat like Scary.

  • i watched their comeback from this year victoria’s secret fashion show. the most weird looking spice i must say, posh spice. anorexic. my sympathies, mr beckham. lulz.

  • Hi the Spice girls are my Heroes they are so sexy and Beautiful i am such a Big fan of Them thank you


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