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Spice Girls In Viva Vancouver

Don’t you feel like singing “Viva Forever” as soon as you see these photos? These were taken during the recently reunited Spice Girls’ inaugural show for their World Tour in Vancouver, Canada. Lots of very lucky Canadians, I see! Plus I’m happy to see that our dear fashionista Posh Spice is getting more exposure now as a Spice Girl compared to their initial run as a group. What do you think of the girls’ outfits? Heard famous designer Roberto Cavalli designed these. Do you think their outfits really stand out?

Spice Girls

Spice Girls Performing Sexy Spice Girls Spice Girls Vancouver Spice Girls 5.jpg Spice Girls 6.jpg Spice Girls 7.jpg Spice Girls 8.jpg Spice Girls 9.jpg Spice Girls 10.jpg Spice Girls 11.jpg Spice Girls 12.jpg Spice Girls 13.jpg Spice Girls 14.jpg Spice Girls 15.jpg Spice Girls 16.jpg Spice Girls 17.jpg Spice Girls 18.jpg Spice Girls 19.jpg Spice Girls 20.jpg Spice Girls 21.jpg


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