written by Wanda

Stacy Keibler Shows Off Her Famous Legs

I really like Stacy Keibler. I have always really liked Stacy Keibler. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and to this very day, I’ve met precious few people who have disagreed with me about that. Those legs of hers are the stuff of legend. Stacy is more than just a great pair of stems though. She has this beautiful, fresh faced vibe going on. There’s just something about those delicate facial features I just adore. I love these photos for many reasons. First, I like the fact that she’s gone with an understated hair and makeup look because I think such a look really shows off her features. Second, I love the dress. It’s a great cut and color for her. Finally, I love the length of the dress and the shoes she’s paired it with. Her legs really are the star of the show even if everything else is pretty damn close to perfect as well.


  • id love her legs wrapped around me, yes please

  • stunning, best legs