written by Wanda

Stephanie Davis Bares Her Ass In London

This is normally the part where I’d make some sort of joke about London, France and underpants but Stephanie Davis seems to left hers at home, at least judging from these photos from the British Soap Awards After Party in London. I honestly don’t even know what to say about these photos. I am making a concentrated effort to be nicer in some of these posts but boy it’s hard to be nice about this one. These just scream bad taste on all fronts. I get that wardrobe malfunctions happen but this one was so obviously avoidable. I can’t imagine it was an accident. I have to put some of the blame on the photographers though. While I understand it’s their job to photograph celebrities and while I get they probably make more money off photos like these – and I even understand they probably have families to feed – it still feels so sketchy to me. And then here I am writing about the photos so there’s that. At least she looks cute in the photos where her ass isn’t completely hanging out.


  • woww that gay kiss heheheheh, but what happened in Uk no man?
    now girls show up with full gays

  • Wow can we say skank? Slutty? Whorish? What the hell? She looks like a piece of white trash. I think that she did it for the publicity but come on, it looks sick and disguisting and you are not attractive at all.

  • most girls are like this here in uk

  • what a slut but great ass, It’s a shame most girls parade themselves half naked but then I have seen older women dress sexually here nothing wrong with confidence but when your shwoing your full on cleavage and legs what do you expect?

    No wonder you see young girls pregnant left right and centre, you have old mature women grovelled at by horny young guys and young girls whistled and felt up by horny guys

  • bare ass on show wow, she is fit but she has no morals, sad thing is a lot of young girl ting they have to dress or act this way to feel sexy nowadays, blame the media

  • Get a room Stephanie mine anytime darling

  • nice looking girl, good ass shots but so slutty

  • very fit girl but she seems too slutty

  • she is fit but she should have some respect for herself, So cheap