written by Wanda

Stephanie Seymour Continues Her Beach Vacation

It’s funny sometimes how things work on this website. I don’t see a name pop up for months at a time and then suddenly I get set after set of pictures of the same person. I’m not complaining, mind you – especially not when the person in question is gorgeous model, Stephanie Seymour. As I said in a previous post, I’ve been a big Stephanie Seymour fan for quite some time now, at least since she appeared in Guns ‘N’ Roses’ “November Rain” video. Here enjoying her holiday in Saint Barthelemy, Stephanie looked beautiful in a classy white one piece bathing suit that perfectly compliments her figure. I love these pictures. She looks like she’s having a great time.



  • I love the main picture of Stephanie. She looks like she’s meditating, taking a moment out to reconnect with her inner self, with the feminine divine. She also looks incredibly beautiful in that pic, devoid of make up, self-assured and content.

  • She still looks good after all these years. The years are treating her kindly. That must have been about 20 years ago or at least 15 that November Rain came out? She looks hot still.