written by Wanda

Stephanie Seymour On Holiday In St. Barts

One has to hand it to Stephanie Seymour. The lady still looks terrific in a bikini. In these new bikini shots taken while on holiday with her family in St. Barts, Stephanie looks incredible. This 43 year old stunner took a little heat not too long ago about being perhaps a little too affectionate with her son but that was then and this is now. In all likelihood it was a lot of drama about nothing anyway. I’ve been a Stephanie Seymour fan since way back in the early-mid nineties when she was with Axl Rose but to be honest, I lost track of her for a while. It’s nice to get to see more of her again and it’s definitely nice to see she hasn’t lost her charm. She’s a strong, confident woman and that shows. She looks like she’s having a great holiday relaxing with her family.


  • Never heard of this lady. Clicked on one of the photos to get a closer look of her face and nope, she doesn’t look familiar to me. What does she do?

    She looks good regardless of her age. However, if you’d asked me how old she is, I wouldn’t have guessed she was 43.

    The part about her son: don’t think I want to know or even go there.

    • She’s mostly known as a model or as the girl from Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” video. She was married to vocalist, Axl Rose, when it was filmed. As for her son… yeah, you might want to go with your instincts on that one. I don’t think it was as nearly as bad as it looked, in all honesty. I think it was probably taken completely out of context.

  • She was a sports illustrated and victorias secret model. The height of her fame was probably late 80s to mid 90s.

    The bit about her son was completely taken out of context. Her son is openly gay.

  • Thanks for shedding some light (for me) on who she is, Wanda, Jack.

    Wanda, I remember November Rain from several years ago. Love the song. Love the video.

    Jack/Wanda: knowing the media, 2 plus 2 often makes 5, so I’m not surprised it was blown out of proportion.

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