written by Wanda

Stills Of Amanda Seyfried On El Hormiguero

Perhaps it’s just my somewhat perverted mind and my intense love of Amanda Seyfried but these pictures from El Hormiguero TV Show, Spain, kind of seem a little sexually charged to me. I mean, in that first picture, the object Amanda has her hands wrapped around seems rather phallic to me. Am I wrong? Anyway, weird penis thing aside, Amanda is looking her usual sexy self in these photos, even in the ones where she looks slightly annoyed or perhaps confused. I like these shots though. The dress she’s wearing is a great pattern and design for her and I’m all for any set up that involved Amanda wrapping her lips around something. Yes. They were definitely going for something suggestive here.


  • Trust you to go there with your phallic suggestion! You’re just seeing what you want to see! Dare I say that anything she puts her hands or mouth on or around will look kinda sexually suggestive to you!

    Admit it!…then I’ll leave you to your fantasies :-)

    • I’m tempted to deny it because that’s just what I do but no, Tom. You’re entirely right. I admit it. She’s just so hot I can’t even help it.

  • Doesn’t Amanda Seyfried look like she could be related to Kate Hudson? Is it just me or is there a resemblance there?

    Well, I see it.

    Oh, and I’ve checked on Google and Wikipedia and the two don’t seem to be related.

    • I can actually sort of see what you’re saying there although I’ve never noticed it before. I can definitely see it more when I think of Kate back in her Almost Famous days. Worth noting I’m completely obsessed with Amanda and with Kate so I think you may be on to something.

  • Told ya, Wanda!

    It’s OK. I can see why. You can do worse, much worse, like errrrm, Sandra Bernhard or Donatella Versace. Now THAT would be a nightmare, enough to make Freddy Krueger scream his ugly lil balls off.

    (p.s: you know Freddy Krueger, right? Nightmare on Elm Street? If not, ask Mr Google.)

    • Oh yes, I know of Mr. Krueger. I remember seeing one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies when I was just a little thing and I swear I had nightmares for years. I have to agree with the Bernhard and Versace statement as well. I like Sandra but in a very non-sexual sort of way. And Donatella… my heavens. I don’t know what that woman has done to herself but you’re right, truly frightening!

  • Haha, Wanda, yeah I do believe I could certainly be onto something if Kate and Amanda appeal to you!

    It would be interesting to put pics of Kate, Amanda and Goldie Hawn side by side, at the same age, say 21 or so, and look at the resemblance.

  • Y’all are cracking me up with your comments! I second Tom, Wanda! You seem to be completely gaga where Ms Seyfried’s concerned! I reckon if you saw them both in real life, we’d have to call the paramedics! They’re both adorable though – no denying that.

    • I’m quite certain if I ran into Amanda on the street, my heart would stop. Although that would probably be too much of a lucky break. I once saw Mila Kunis (my absolute favorite female celeb) out and about, worked up the nerve to say hi and turned into a total blubbering lunatic. She was very sweet about it though. By sweet, of course, I mean she didn’t pepper spray me or call the police. I kid. It wasn’t that bad. I just lost the ability to form complete sentences and wound up just shaking her hand and walking away with a very red face.

  • Wanda, Mila Kunis is probably used to blubbering lunatics! I’m sure you’re not the worse of the bunch, hun. And she probably sensed you were pretty harmless!

    Is she as beautiful in the flesh? I imagine so. She looks like a natural.

    • She was absolutely stunning. If she was wearing makeup, she was wearing very little of it and she just had her hair tied back in a messy sort of pony tail but even all casual, she was gorgeous.

  • april – Insanely beftuiaul! I suppose having deliriously happy, gorgeous looking subjects and a rockin’ location also helped. Love the commentary love the photos, as always, you’re fantastic!

  • she is fit