written by Wanda

Stunning Alexandra Stan In Gorgeous New Photo Shoot

I am not afraid to admit when I have no idea what I’m talking about. I went into today’s assignments and saw Alexandra Stan’s name on my list of posts and thought this would be one of those posts. I looked at the pictures and was absolutely stricken by how beautiful this woman is. Her eyes nearly stopped my heart. I have a thing for eyes. A nice body is a nice body but beautiful eyes really grab my attention. I also love the fact that these pictures have an interesting, unique feel to them – a real retro sort of vibe and that really speaks to me too. In other words, Alexandra really sparked my interest so I decided to take a moment or two to learn more about her. Turns out, I actually do know what I’m talking about with this one. In August 2011, Alexandra – a Romanian born musician – released an album called “Saxobeats”. A friend gave me the album and told me to listen to it and I fell in love. For whatever reason though, I didn’t connect the name with the music. Gorgeous and talented? Yes please! Love Alexandra!


  • The information that she was born in Russia is WRONG. Please corect because si was born in Romania.

  • I love the thick belt she has on with the red dress. I would have liked to have seen the full length of the dress. It looks beautiful. I also like the black dress – the material and the design of the back.

    I’ve never heard of her though. She’s most probably never heard of me either! I can guarantee that!

  • Wow, she has incredibly big eyes. Very doe-like. Never seen eyes that big. Definitely not an insult. They’re beautiful. I too like the red dress, Hilda. It’s a vibrant red. The shoes she’s wearing with it are quite interesting too.

  • I’m in love with her shoes – the brown ones. I’ve never seen shoes quite like that. Haven’t heard of her before either, Hilda, so I hopped on YouTube to have a listen to one of her songs (Mr Saxobeat) and realised I’ve heard the song before! Ah, so that’s Alexandra Stan.

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  • y always watermark???

  • she is nice

  • alexandra is ugly