written by Wanda

Stunning New Bikini Pics Of Adriana Lima

I’d have to imagine it’s hard to pull off a bikini photo shoot without making it look over rehearsed or over posed. I’m not sure Adriana Lima completely nails the ‘natural’ sort of vibe in these pictures but I don’t think that really matters. Sure some of the shots here look a little forced but when the subject is as hot as Adriana it’s hard to complain. I love everything about Adriana. There’s something unique about her that really appeals to me and even when she’s clearly turning it on for the camera, she does it so well it’s hard to hold it against her. I’m quite sure I could look at bikini shots of Adriana all day and be perfectly happy with that.


  • Her pose does look rather forced in the main photo. But then again who’s perfect, you know? For that reason, I rather like seeing that forced one. I think I prefer her in the purple bikini than the other one though.

    • I like the fact that she isn’t always ‘on’. She’s so beautiful and has so much going for her. I honestly don’t think she can do any wrong in my eyes.

  • She appears to have so much going for her, but I’m sure she has her own share of problems, bright days and not so bright days. She is human after all.

    Out of curiosity, do you think she has so much going for her because she’s so beautiful? Just curious. Not a judgment, hun.

    • Her beauty has a lot to do with it honestly, but she’s also got a lot more going for her. While I’m not religious myself, I admire the fact that she is. Her religion seems to have helped her build a solid moral foundation. Instead of taking the route so many take and sleeping her way to the top she saved herself for someone she loved. I think that’s beautiful in and of itself. She seems to have a happy marriage and has a beautiful daughter. Of course, there’s also the success she’s achieved which I definitely think will help her give her daughter a good life. People like to say money isn’t important but as someone who lives off next to nothing, I can say for certainty having a little money in the bank is definitely something to consider a blessing. On top of all that, she’s charitable. I always really admire that in a person. I think really what makes me like her more than anything is that she’s not just pretty but she’s a well rounded person. But you’re right too. She has her share of problems. Her daughter was born at only 34 weeks due to a medical condition (her baby weighed under 5 pounds!) but she seems to take what’s thrown at her in life with class.

  • Thanks for taking time to explain, Wanda. I was curious to know if there was more to why you like her so much, rather than her beauty alone, and there is. I can see that now.

    She sounds like quite a lady.

  • She has no @ss and no calves.

    Two thumbs down!

  • …and I guess you have @ss and calves in abundance then, Petr Pan? Let’s see a picture.

    If you were in a glass house, you’d be covered in shards of it, seeing as you seem to be throwing plenty of stones at will.

  • I just do not understand some of these poses. Like the second one. What are you doing? The crab walk?
    But all in all she looks great. She has a nice body with a great face. I like her.

  • I like the one of her on her knees with open legs so I can bent her backwards and start fucking her