written by Wanda

Stunning New Bikini Pics Of Erin Heatherton

I don’t get how it’s possible to think Erin Heatherton is anything but stunning. I know some argue she’s a little too thin, but I really don’t see it. There are Hollywood celebrities I worry about but Erin isn’t one of them. She is skinny but she still looks healthy. This doesn’t appear to be a woman who is thin because she starves herself. Instead, she appears to be a woman to takes care of herself. I would imagine she’s into healthy eating and exercise and it shows. You can probably add “good genes” in there as well. I’m definitely not going to hold any of that against her, especially when smoking hot photos like these ones keep popping up.

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  • I do not think that she is too thin by any means. She looks hot that is for sure. I think that she is confident in herself and that makes her radiate. She is a wonderful person, model. Totally awesome.