written by irene

Sugababes All Sugared Up

The beautiful bunch that is Sugababes performed last June 14, 2008 at the the Isle of Wright Festival and yes, they caused quite a stir there. It’s but expected, really, given that the ladies haven’t dropped an album in a while plus their loyal fans really want to see how they’re doing and all. Well, with these photos alone, you can say that the Sugababes are still a girl group to reckon with! Click for more photos of the pretty and sexy English babes!


Sugababes performing Wright Festiva sexy Sugababes Sugababes on-stage Sugababes 5.jpg Sugababes 6.jpg Sugababes 7.jpg Sugababes 8.jpg Sugababes 9.jpg Sugababes 10.jpg


  • got to love the black one she is fine

  • yh i agree ste, keisha is incredible, awesome looker and her body is incredible too, to be honest they all nice