written by Wanda

Super Sexy Carmen Ortega Bikini Shoot

I know I’m going to get ripped to pieces for this one but I gotta be honest. It’s just who I am. I’m not really all that attracted to Carmen Ortega and I have absolutely no idea why. All the elements are there. She has a great body, a beautiful face and seems to know how to turn it on for the photographer but for some reason, I’m just not feeling particular Carmen Ortega bikini photoshoot in Beverly Hills. They’re sexy, yes, but I’m not really jumping up and down in my seat over them. Okay, so I never actually do that but I don’t even feel the desire to here. Maybe I’m just having an off day. She’s a beautiful girl with a killer body so I should be all over these ones. Instead, I’m just sort of yawning and asking what’s next. Maybe it’s the makeup. I’m not always a fan of heavy makeup. I dunno. I’m sure we’ll see her again and I’ll probably have a completely different opinion next time.

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