written by Wanda

Super Sexy Indiana Evans Filming “The Blue Lagoon”

Okay, I love sexy Aussie actress Indiana Evans and I’m excited to see her staring in something new but I have to admit I’m a little tired of remakes. Enough, already. They’re never as good as the original. I’m especially disheartened by the fact that this particular remake has employed the talents of Indiana so now I’m going to be forced to watch. Seriously, I love Indiana Evans like I love puppies (or cute shoes, if you prefer) and these pictures of her filming “The Blue Lagoon”, a remake of the 1980 film of the same name, have only sold me more on this project. Indiana looks stunning and having been a fan of her acting work since she started on “Home and Away”, I’m going to have to bite the bullet and check this one out, remake or not.



  • Oh wow, so that’s what she’s up to. I remember her in Home & Away. Good to see she’s working on other projects. I watched the original Blue Lagoon – it’s not a film I remember being terribly crazy about, but I was much younger then. I don’t think I’d want to watch the remake though – not that enthused.

  • I don’t mind remakes, but it has to be a really good remake or else what’s the point. However, there are some films that I feel are so sacred that they shouldn’t be remade – I feel that way about some songs too.

  • Yeah, I agree, Miguel. There are some films that shouldn’t be touched, maybe remastered/digitalized, but apart from that, leave it alone. There are some remastered films that I’d prefer not to watch actually because it takes me back to the time it was made.

    Do you plan on watching the Blue Lagoon remake when it comes out?

  • Sorry, I meant there are some remastered films that I’d rather not watch – I’d rather watch it unmastered as it takes me back to when it was made. I prefer the non-polished version – a remastered version is almost like an apology for the way it was originally shot.

  • I never got round to watching the original Blue Lagoon. I remember Brooke Shields was in it. Given the choice, I’d much rather go for that one first, and then maybe if I’m curious enough watch the remake just to see how true they were to the original and what they decided to change.

  • nice soft young lady…..mmmmmm must be like the thing ….

  • She is not even naked!On h20 she was sexier than that!I want to see some vagina

  • Fantastic face Indiana thx bro

  • Indiana is a true beauty. I am a huge fan of hers. She is so pretty and has a style all of her own. I will be watching this movie when it comes out. I like to watch the remakes and then compare them to the old ones.

  • hey i am the bitch who said she was sexier on h20.she is going out with Cole sprouse