written by Wanda

Super Sexy Swimsuit Shots Of Aniko Michnyaova

Oh. My. How is it possible that I had no idea who Aniko Michnyaova was until this set of pictures came up? This woman is an absolute knockout. She’s stunning. I know I talk a lot about how my ideal woman would have dark hair but screw all that. My ideal woman is Aniko. There’s no longer a question. I want to see more pictures of this woman – lots more. I love the way she poses for the camera. Sure some of the shots look a little rehearsed but who freaking cares? I’m not paying attention to the poses. I’m paying attention to the legs, the stomach and… who am I kidding? I’m paying attention to the whole package.


  • She certainly does look gorgeous. However I find her more sweet looking than sexy though. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is definitely not a judgement. She’s beautiful.

  • She looks great in all of the pictures, but aww, she looks the picture of health in the red polka dot two-piece bikini. I’m also loving the black and white polka dot one-piece. And the one-piece red too. I think red really suits her.