written by Wanda

Super Sexy Xenia Deli Lingerie Shoot

I am relatively new to Xenia Deli and her body of work but I have to admit, I really like what I’ve seen so far. I dare go as far as to say I’m a fan. She just has something about her that really appeals to me. Perhaps it’s the fact that she has a little bit of that ‘girl next door’ look that I like so much, even when she’s dressed only in lingerie. Speaking of that lingerie, how hot do these sets look on her? I don’t traditionally pick a favorite photo but today is my birthday (well, technically it will have been yesterday by the time this is posted) and I feel like breaking tradition so I will. My favorite is definitely the photo of Xenia standing back to with the hot pink lacy bra. She has her head turned to the side and we get to see that killer smile. I don’t like the style of the bra but I adore that smile. Absolutely the highlight of these shots for me.

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