written by Wanda

Suzanne Quast Is So Underrated I Didn’t Even Know Who She Was

Here’s the thing about Suzanne Quast. I saw her name on my assignments list and knew I’d have to do some research for this post because I was quite certain I’d never seen or heard of her. I opened the pictures and was struck by how familiar she looked. I scrolled through the photos and decided she was an incredibly beautiful woman but was also an incredibly beautiful woman I’ve seen before. I looked her up on IMDB and took a quick peek at her resume and realized I’ve seen her in about a million things. I remembered her from BonesThe Flip SideThe Grief TouristSouthlandThe Nine Lives of Chloe KingThe Craigslist KillerCriminal MindsIt’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Football WivesPush and South Beach. Aside from shorts, I’ve see pretty much everything she’s ever done. How can I not remember her name? All that changes now. I will most definitely remember the name Suzanne Quast from not on.

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  • no idea who she is but nice girl, sexy body