written by Wanda

Tamara Ecclestone Gets Her PDA On In Dubai

No one can accuse Tamara Ecclestone of taking things too slow with new fiance, Jay Rutland considering the couple was engaged just one month after they met. I can’t really hold that against her though. She hasn’t had the easiest time with men in the past and these two do look pretty happy together. Just look at the love between them – or the lust, at least. In these photos, shot in Dubai, Tamara is looking happy with her man. She also happens to be looking absolutely incredible. The woman’s body is fantastic. I really hope things work out between Tamara and Jay. She could use a little happiness in her life and it really appears she’s found it with Jaw. Looks can be deceiving, of course, but I’m hoping for the best.

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  • she has a great body, hot women