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Tamara Ecclestone Goes For A Jog In London

British model and television personality, Tamara Ecclestone, sometimes doesn’t quite get the recognition her sister Petra gets and that’s kind of a shame as Tamara is a beautiful woman. I know her more as an heiress (her father is Formula One president and CEO, Bernie Ecclestone) that for any of the actual work she’s done but as far as heiresses go, Tamara is pretty high on my list of favorites. Here in London, I think Tamara looks gorgeous as she’s going for a jog and I especially enjoy the pictures with the dogs. She looks comfortable and that’s a pretty big deal for me.


  • I think there was a fly-on-the-wall documentary they did about Tamara. Can’t quite remember. I watched half of one episode once. Her sister might be more popular like you say, but I’ve never heard of Petra Ecclestone, so there’s at least one person that doesn’t think she’s more popular than Tamara. :-)

    • I think you might be right about the documentary show. I seem to remember hearing about it. I think whether or not Petra is more popular depends on your circle, really. I was doing an article on another site about famous heiresses and Petra’s name came up in my research more than Tamara’s. That may have given me a skewed perception on the whole thing.

  • I never watched all the episodes ‘cos I thought “why am I watching the life of a rich person? How is that gonna help me?” I mean she seemed nice enough though.

    I actually don’t know which sister is more popular as I’d never heard of either one of them before. I only knew of Tamara ‘cos of all the ads promoting the documentary series.