written by Wanda

Tamara Ecclestone Is About To Blind Somebody

Everybody stand back – that thing is about to blow. That little metal dealie in the middle – the thing struggling to restrain Tamara Ecclestone’s enormous boobs – is going to fly off and take someone’s eye out. Seriously though, I think Tamara would’ve been better served by a slightly larger bikini top but the real question is whether or not the pictures still would’ve been as sexy as they are. I think yes, but maybe that’s just me. I think Tamara is a beautiful woman. She has a fantastic body and she looks killer in these photos. I honestly prefer the more covered up photos but only because I think there’s something so sexy about a woman in a body hugging dress. These pictures are fantastic. Love them.


  • such a hottie, she has great curves, what a big rack on her too, great caps

  • great body

  • proper women with a proper figure, real sexy lady