written by Wanda

Tamara Ecclestone Looks Gorgeous As She Leaves Hotel GB

I never got around to watching Hotel GB, but as Tamara Ecclestone leaves the hotel in London, I kind of regret not taking the time to check it out. It looked like an interesting show, to say the least. Tamara looks gorgeous here but that’s really what I’ve come to expect from here. She’s definitely a beautiful woman. For me though, the star of these photos is the shoes Tamara has on. I apologize but I have to let the shoe diva in me come out to play sometimes. They look great with the outfit she’s wearing, adding a little something extra to an already lovely outfit. This, in my opinion, is fashion done right. She looks terrific.


  • I hate to be a critic but I do not think that she looks all that great here. I love the outfit she has choosen but that is about it. It is not like she is ugly but she just does not spark anything in me.

  • she is fit, great figure on this babe too wanna play with her, tattoo on her foot is a turn on too

  • so sexy, she has great legs, i wanna lick her feet too, she turns me on