written by Wanda

Tamara Mellon Pairs Bikini With Fedora

Is it sad that until right now – right this very second – I had no idea who Tamara Mellon was? You don’t either? Alright, I feel better. Tamara Mellon is the co-founder of Jimmy Choo; the luxury shoe, handbag and accessory powerhouse brand. Can I just point out that it’s more than a little bit ironic that Tamara’s last name is Mellon and she hit the beach in a bikini that shows off, well, her melons? They’re not spectacular, but they’re certainly not bad. I just couldn’t resist making the most lame and obvious pun possible. It’s kind of my thing.

Tamara Mellon Tamara Mellon Tamara MellonTamara Mellon Tamara Mellon


  • Nah, I liked the pun and was hoping you’d make it.

  • With a set up like that, it was impossible to resist.