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Tammin Sursok Looks Like A Doll

Pop starlet and aspiring actress Tammin Sursok surely looks like a doll in these pictures. Pretty much a far cry from her debut screen role in the mermaid-romance flick “Aquamarine,” wherein she starred alongside Jojo and Claudia Karvan. Now is it just me or does she also project a Fergie Ferg-like aura? Her features are striking yet whimsical and of course, it’s obvious that she has a great figure. What do you think of Tammin’s photos?

Tammin Sursok

Tammin Sursok Photo Tammin Sursok 3.jpg Tammin Sursok 4.jpg Tammin Sursok 5.jpg Tammin Sursok 6.jpg Tammin Sursok 7.jpg Tammin Sursok 8.jpg Tammin Sursok 9.jpg Tammin Sursok 10.jpg Tammin Sursok 11.jpg Tammin Sursok 12.jpg Tammin Sursok 13.jpg Tammin Sursok 14.jpg Tammin Sursok 15.jpg Tammin Sursok 16.jpg Tammin Sursok 17.jpg Tammin Sursok 18.jpg


  • These photos are hot,
    she kinda looks like fergie from Black Eyed Peas.
    She is so photogenic, just love the way she is.

  • i just shot my load…

  • Dude its not like you need to share this with entire world lol.

  • Wow, she has pretty feet, and great legs. I never heard of her, but I’ll keep an eye out….

  • Very pretty girl

  • wow,she is strikingly pretty, very nice looking girl with a great figure, I remember her as danni in Home and Away very sexy not sure what she has done since tho

  • I loved her in home and away, always thought she was very fit even then and she looks stunning here, she is great eye candy and has a great body too, what happened to her?


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