written by irene

Tara Reid And Her White T-back

Our favorite party girl and nuthead Tara Reid’s back! Everybody make some noise! And guess what she’s up to? Why, she’s back to wearing black tights that can still tease you with her white underwear. Well, it’s either her underwear’s white or she has nothing on but she’s got a well shaved p*ssy. Just check the photos out after the jump. It’ll be something well worth to check out! And please, can you leave comments? Thanks guys!

Tara Reid Upskirt

Tara Reid shows Underwear Tara Reid Tara Reid Upskirt 3.jpg Tara Reid Upskirt 4.jpg Tara Reid Upskirt 5.jpg


  • Even though I know she’s a whore, I would totally fuck the shit out of her. I bet she could suck a mean dick too. I’d actually like a sloppy drunken threesome with her and Paris. I’d get them both on the bed, asses up in the air, slide my cock into one pussy, slide it into the other, then turn them both around and shoot a load in Paris’ face, or Tara’s’ face. Fuck, decisions, decisions…

  • I totally wanna cum all over her spread legs and hose.
    Every woman looks better wearing pantyhose!


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