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Tara Reid Bares Oomph At FHM

FHM is sizzling these days – given the presence of none other than “American Pie” alumnus Tara Reid herself! The plastic surgery fanatic and former Ms. Carson Daly (she and the popular ex-MTV dude were engaged for quite a time) is baring a lot of skin in these photos. Check out the photos highlighting Tara’s very “healthy” and plump breasts. The girl sure does carry quite a “heavy load”! What about Tara’s legs? What do you think of them?

Tara Reid

FHM, Tara Reid American Pie Tara Reid shooting Tara Reid poses for FHM Tara Reid in underwear Tara Reid 6.jpg Tara Reid 7.jpg Tara Reid 8.jpg Tara Reid 9.jpg Tara Reid 10.jpg Tara Reid 11.jpg Tara Reid 12.jpg Tara Reid 13.jpg Tara Reid 14.jpg Tara Reid 15.jpg Tara Reid 16.jpg Tara Reid 17.jpg Tara Reid 18.jpg Tara Reid 20.jpg Tara Reid 21.jpg Tara Reid 22.jpg Tara Reid 23.jpg Tara Reid 24.jpg Tara Reid 25.jpg Tara Reid 26.jpg Tara Reid 27.jpg


  • She is smoking hot!

  • she is hoooooottttt!!!

  • That is airbrushing at its best! Her stomach does not look like that. Even after she had her lipo “fixed” she still had dents and wrinkles everywhere. There was no fixing that.


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