written by Nabanita

Tara Reid Bares

Tara Reid is a famous Hollywood actress whose movies include ‘The Urban Legend’, ‘American Pie 1 ’, ‘American Pie 2’, ‘Josie and the Pussy Cats’ and ‘Alone in the Dark’. Her acting career started at the age of nine in a game show called ‘Child’s play.’ After Tara appeared in hundreds of ads and her fortunes came true with the Hollywood sex and humor movie ‘American Pie 1’. Tara Reid was involved in many controversies including an exposed left breast when her dress fell at a birthday party. Tara Reid has appeared in the Jan/Feb 2010 Playboy pictorial. The magazine contains hot sexy pictures of Tara, but there are no nude pictures as per the reports.

Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara ReidTara Reid Tara Reid


  • Are those pics of Tara new? They seem familiar to me, but I am not quite sure. She is so cute.

  • she is all wet