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Tara Reid Is Looking Skinny In Her Pink Bikini

Actress Tara Reid must refrain from losing weight, as she is looking skinny already. If only she had some fats on her body, she might look good in her tiny pink bikini that she is wearing. Having some fun under the sun with some friends, Tara is obviously conscious of her figure as she is photographed with her Coke Zero cola and some French bread. On the brighter side of the story, Tara’s belly is now looking even. Unlike on her previous photos, that she has an unusual belly and report says, that it was a the result of her previous surgery.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara Reid
Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara Reid


  • Why is she famous? Can anyone explain this to me? I hope ass doesn’t make her a star as Kim Kardashian does.

  • She looks very porkable in that pink bikini. Hell I’d just lift the silk, stick it in & ask if our open air sex, counts an entertainment to pay for the crepes.


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