written by irene

Tara Reid Lookin’ Fine

All right, former “American Pie” actress Tara Reid is lookin’ mighty fine in these pictures, I must admit. I like the cleavage-showing mini dress, the fancy shoes, the fancy eyewear and I even give props to her anklet that somehow teases the mind of the average Joe. Come to think of it, Tara is a really pretty gal. The problem is, she underwent those unfortunate surgeries that left her tummy lookin’ like a blob (I read somewhere that that’s been fixed, though, thankfully!). More pictures of Tara and her posse after the jump.

Tara Reid

Sexy Tara Reid Tara Reid Cleavage Tara Reid 4.jpg Tara Reid 5.jpg Tara Reid 6.jpg Tara Reid 7.jpg Tara Reid 8.jpg Tara Reid 9.jpg Tara Reid 10.jpg Tara Reid 11.jpg Tara Reid 12.jpg Tara Reid 13.jpg Tara Reid 14.jpg Tara Reid 15.jpg Tara Reid 16.jpg Tara Reid 17.jpg Tara Reid 18.jpg


  • Attention seeking Tara :p

  • Well she has boobies, wondering why people like her? :)) If any?


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