written by Ann

Tara Reid’s Lime Green Bikini

Tara Reid enjoyed herself at Miami Beach. Reid worked on her tan in a lime green bikini. The girl is still on vacation because she claimed the writers’ strike is a factor. Reid missed the cue. According to Reid, there were few financiers for show because of the economy. Once the market picks up, Reid will jump right back into the action. She won’t be waiting in the wings for nothing. She has been working on her fashion clothing.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid in Miami Beach fashion clothing Tara Reid in green bikini Tara Reid 4.jpg Tara Reid 5.jpg Tara Reid 6.jpg Tara Reid 7.jpg Tara Reid with some friend Tara Reid 9.jpg Tara Reid ass Tara Reid 11.jpg Tara Reid 13.jpg Tara Reid 14.jpg

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  • Stomach looks unshape!