written by Ann

Tara Reid’s Sexy Legs

Tara Reid arrived at the Il Pastaio Restaurant in Beverly Hills. She showed her sexy legs and almost had an upskirt moment. She has a lunch appointment with some friends. Reid was impressed with the scenery and took some pictures outside the restaurant. She has been dating her boyfriend, Julien Jarmoune. Reid denied they were engaged and her representative said the couple was dating. Reid used to claim that she could turn every boring movie scene into a sexy one but she has not appeared in any major blockbuster for a long time.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid  in Beverly Hills Tara Reid is impressed Tara Reid was dating with Julien Jarmoun Tara Reid pictures sexy Tara Reid Tara Reid 7.jpg Tara Reid 8.jpg Tara Reid 9.jpg

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