written by Wanda

Taylor Momsen Is Pretty Reckless

Get it? Because her band is called The Pretty Reckless. Yeah, lame, I know. Anyway, moving on. I don’t really know what I think of Taylor Momsen anymore. It seems like every move she makes is premeditated to make her look as bad ass as possible, but the more out there she gets, the more innocent I believe she is. Sure flashing her underage breasts on stage at one of her most recent gigs turned some heads. I, on the other hand, just rolled my eyes and yawned a little. It’s old news. This is what we know about Momsen. She has no problem talking about masturbation and her love for her vibrator. She blames her parents for her behavior because they pushed her into acting. I happen to think that’s probably the truest statement that’s ever come out of her mouth. That said, Taylor – performing here at The Academy in Manchester – is no more of a wild child that her pop culture counterpart, Miley Cyrus. The difference is Taylor wants you to think she’s as bad ass as Miley probably is. She isn’t though. She’s a little girl trying to play ball with the big kids – and she’s striking out. She comes across as a sad girl desperate for attention and I’m guessing that’s really closer to the truth.

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  • I think your statements are based on the fact that she’s only 17, and you therefore are not taking her seriously.
    And I personally think she is just fine.

  • Yes, my statements are very much based on her age. I don’t take her seriously because she really hasn’t done anything to make me take her seriously. For the record, I also think she’s just fine. I think ninety percent of the drama that surrounds her is created by her as a way to make her seem like more of a rock star and hey, plenty of girls her age to the exact same thing. Teenage girls are dramatic. Kind of the whole point of my post was to point out that she’s fine. Regardless, I like her band and I think she could conceivably have a really strong career – she is a talented actress after all – but she needs to focus less on marketing herself as the second coming of Courtney Love and focus more on being herself.

    At the same time, it’s entirely possible she doesn’t know who she is. Again, this has a lot to do with her age. I like her. I really do, but you have to admit, she’s done some pretty crazy thing. Flashing her breasts on stage isn’t how you get taken seriously. Not to keep coming back to the Courtney Love thing, but she did the same thing when Hole was at the height of it’s popularity and she was a joke for it. Then there’s the talking about vibrators and sex stuff. Those aren’t the actions of someone trying to be taken seriously. They’re the actions of a teenage girl using sex to get attention. That doesn’t make her a bad person. That doesn’t mean she’s a train wreck waiting to happen. That makes her pretty typical.

    Time will tell what the future holds for Momsen. I think she’s a gorgeous girl who could do a lot if she chooses to. It just depends on whether or not she chooses to. I

  • I actually think what she said about masturbation was very sensible, if you read the whole thing. She was suggesting girls get to know themselves rather then sleeping around coz they’re frustrated.

    I like her music to be honest, her look isn’t original, but who is nowadays, all variatipns on a theme.