written by Wanda

Taylor Swift Shows The Poptarts How Its Done

While some in the media have bashed poor country princess for this black polka dot bikini, I for one give her a standing ovation. Taylor Swift is a teenager. Sure she’s a gorgeous (and talented) teenager, but she is still a teenager. I think it’s fantastic that she doesn’t feel the need to resort to the body flaunting antics of her pop culture peers, yes, I’m talking about Miley, to keep her career in full swing. Is it because this babe can actually sing and has the talent needed to have a long career? Perhaps, but maybe instead of trying to find off new and shocking ways to barely conceal their private parts, these poptarts could try to better themselves talent wise. Boobs will only get you so far. Taylor Swift, shown here in the Bahamas, looks absolutely stunning in her two-piece without looking trashy or desperate for attention. Swift has natural confidence in who she is. I predict she is around long after people begin saying Miley who?

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift


  • she looks like a kid.. :D

  • The problem with your clothing theory is that Taylor really isn’t a very good singer and has versatility. If she was young and pretty it is doubtful she’d have a career.