written by lyn

Tea Leoni Shows Off Some Ass

Tea Leoni is having a good splash in the clear waters of Malibu. This fun summer getaway of Tea was with her hubby David Duchovny and the couple is having some fun under the sun. wearing a black polka dot bikini, Tea was able to show some ass on these photos. Tea looks great with her bikini on, but this could on a better fit if she will tone up a bit. At her age, she can have a nice body, but it would be even nicer if some fats were not around. Tea and David are known to be separated, but with these photos of them together, they can be together again.

Tea Leoni

Tea Leoni Tea Leoni Tea Leoni
Tea Leoni Tea Leoni Tea Leoni


  • thanks for butt crack :D

  • Tea needs to be bent over and take it you know where.

  • Blog writer, Tea looks fine. I actually don’t see what you’re referring to. She looks toned enough. It’s OK to have some meat on you. And it’s OK to be an older woman. We’re all getting older, even babies, just that we’re on various points of the spectrum.

  • Hardthighs, why don’t you first show her how it’s done by leading by example. YOU bend over and show her. She might not understand it the first time round, so you might have to show her a handful of times, perhaps 20 times or more. Even 50. I’m sure you won’t mind seeing as you’re so keen for her “to be bent over and take it you know where”.

  • Karen, you are right. Tea is smoking hot and I would love to bend her over for sometimes. But fair is fair and I will take my turns also but ONLY if YOU come join the party…now that would get fun!! HARD thinking about it….

  • No thank you. I think I’ll leave you to do what you do best. Could be your calling in life. Everyone’s good at something and this is it for you. Embrace it. Be it. Do it. Good luck, my friend.

  • saw her in welcome to mooseport, she is quite a hottie, nice pics, nice body