written by Wanda

Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Dressed For Easter

See now, this is why I have a hard time not getting all judgey with Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison. I want to believe that they’re really in love and they’re super happy and that they just couldn’t wait until she turned 18 to be together. True love waits for no man, right? It’s possible. But then I see pictures like these ones of a hyper-sexualized 17 year old girl who happens to be married to a 51 year old man and I get the creeps. I can’t help it. She’s cute, yes. She’s gorgeous, in fact. She’s also seriously making my Mom instincts come bubbling to the surface and those instincts are buried pretty deep, let me tell you. I just want to tell her there is another way – that she doesn’t have to parade around for her creepy old man hubby to make a name for herself. Of course, it is her choice and if Courtney’s own mother is okay with it, there must be something I’m not seeing. I hope.

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  • Um she may be pretty but why on earth would you be with someone who is old enough to be your dad? Sort of sick if you ask me on either of their parts. Courtney was just a child when they got married. I do not think that her mother has very much sense for saying that it was ok to be married to him. But that is another story.