written by Wanda

Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Turns 18.

Here we see the infamous “Teen Bride” leaving the home she shares with her husband/father figure, Doug Hutchison, to go celebrate her 18th birthday. For a while, I was really trying to go the “I don’t know, maybe they’re really in love” route but as it becomes more and more clear that this woman is a misguided child desperate to cling to whatever fame she can get, I find myself feeling more and more sad for her. One day the fame will be gone and that’s going to be a very depressing time for her. Someone needs to step up and tell her life is not all about cameras and headlines. They need to help her understand that selling her sole to have her picture in magazines is not worth it. What has be so worried? First, the fact that she’s signed on to appear on some reality show about celebrity couple’s therapy. Who is honestly surprised there are troubles in this union? More than that though, I’m worried that Courtney has openly admitted she’s considering the various porn offers she’s gotten now that she’s legal. Once she goes down that road, there’s no turning back.



  • I hope she does porn.

  • I am sure that she will do porn. I mean look at her. She already dresses like a porn star. Those shoes are super slutty. And the dress is sort of as well. Porn is where is is headed.

  • I can not believe that her mother let her get married when she was 16. It would not surprise me if they were in therapy for that. I mean how does a 16 year old know what true love is anyway? And to be that skanky at that age? Gross.

    • Agreed on all counts. I tried to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions – some people really are more mature than their age would indicate, after all but everything I learn about this girl only leads me to believe I was right on my first impression. Everyone involved in that situation is trashy.

  • why are all young girls nowadays dressing so skimpy sure they like showing off their fit bodies but it;s a bit sick, I see it all the time, Girls who live by me who are still in high school who are in the streets dressed like sluts and at what 15 yrs of age, most are 16 tops and flirting with older boys, seeing lads whislte at girls like that is sick and most love attention

  • 18 yrs old and dressed like this